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How to Change My Last Name After Getting Married?

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Brides, Are you excited to get your new last name? Here’s exactly what you need to do.

Are you wondering how to change your name after the big day? Here at Precious Moments Events LLC we know it’s a big decision and we promise it’ll be worth all the time and trouble! Plus, you’ll have a wallet full of your cards flaunting your new name! To save you some time and questions, we’ve put together a list of steps that you’ll need to do!

How to Change your Last Name in Ten Steps 

Get Your Marriage License and Certified Copies 

 These documents are the most important part of this process. When you’re applying for your marriage license, ask if you can purchase certified copies in advance. You’ll want to get your certificate and certified copies at the same time in this process. Make sure to put the certificate somewhere safe, but keep the certified copies on hand. You’ll need them when approaching step two! 

Update Your Social Security Card

After receiving the proof of your marriage, you’re going to want to let the government know officially which name you want to go by. You can either apply online or in person. Make sure to fill out a social security application and bring it to the nearest office. You’ll need to bring these documents with you, or show proof of them online. 

  • Proof of identity (drivers license, passport, Military license)
  • Your current social security card 
  • Proof of citizenship (Passport, or Birth Certificate) 
  • Proof of name change (Marriage License/Certificate) 

Update your Drivers License

In order to update your license, you must do this part in person. This is considered a license renewal, so you’ll have to pay a small fee and get your photograph taken. We recommend that in advance, you fill out the DMV’S Drivers License renewal form online and bring it with you for a faster process. Here’s what you’ll need to bring. 

-Proof of Address

-Certified copy of Marriage License 

New Passport & Travel Documents 

All passport changes must be applied for by mail. Once you’ve filled it out the new application, send the following to the National Passport Processing Center:

  • Completed form 
  • A certified copy of your marriage license.
  • Your current passport.
  • A check for the passport fee, made payable to “U.S. Department of State.” 
  • A recent color photograph that meets requirement

Update your Voter Registration Information

Change the name on your bank accounts/Credit Cards 

As soon as your identification has been updated, head to your local bank with these documents to update your accounts and credit cards with your new name. 

  • Social security card
  • Marriage License
  • Drivers License 

Update Your Insurance Information

Luckily, you won’t need to call your doctor or dentist, you can just bring your updated insurance card and driver’s license to your future appointments. However, Whether you’re combining insurance policies or are simply updating the information on your own policy, this is a major change you need to make as soon as possible to ensure you’re covered in the event of a claim. You will need a copy of your marriage license.

Provide your New Name and Banking Information to your Employer

For the purpose of checks or ID, make sure you contact your employer so that they can address them to your right last name. 

Update Payment info on mortgage and utility statements

Make sure you update the payment information on all of your new cards as well as give them new information about your name and bank routing number. 

Review your credit/debit cards for Autopayments

Photographer: Imagery By Mikaylaj

Photographer: Rut Photography

Photographer: Imagery By Mikaylaj

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