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Chris and I met at a mall in Concord, New Hampshire. As I was walking around shopping (no one around me), I heard someone say, ‘hey your shoe is untied!’ I then looked down forgetting I was wearing slip-on shoes and we both started laughing and clearly haven’t stopped talking since that day!

The proposal: Both Chris and I are college coaches and 2020 was a tough year for all sports! Chris and his team (men’s basketball) won the championship that year and because of COVID restrictions, we were unable to hold a championship ring ceremony for the team on their amazing accomplishment. We decided to have a small ceremony at our home- the entire team and coaching staff were present. Chris gave a speech on the incredible year that they had and afterward, one by one presented each player, manager, and coach their rings. I also took the opportunity to talk about their head coach (Chris) and all the amazing things that he’s done for the team and the accomplishment of being named Coach of the Year- and presented his championship ring to him. 
I was pretty pumped because I was for sure he ordered me a championship ring too- and they were absolutely stunning! Instead, Chris started talking about everything that I’ve done over the years for him and his program. He spoke about how I’ve gone above and beyond throughout our relationship and the sacrifices I’ve made for our family. In the end, he got down on one knee and said I was his champion and proposed. 🙂 



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