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    Experience the Difference! Precious Moments Events goes above and beyond to make sure your day is everything you dreamed of. We not only have a planners but also designers for your special day. We also give you all the tools to make sure all the details fall in place.  We will help you negotiate special rates with our preferred vendors. Just ask!  We want your day to be more special than you imagined. Leave all the worrying to us and enjoy every moment from the time you’re engaged to the day of your wedding!

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Our couple was together for 9 years and Carmen was NOT expecting a proposal at all. she was returning from a trip to see her mother and he was picking her up from the airport. This was during the pandemic- so she came off the plane looking very “relaxed” (hair in a ponytail and a cap, comfortable clothing – nothing impressive) and her mask on. As she see him sitting down waiting for her she walked towards him, he gets up and walks towards her. As he approaches her he tells me that he tried calling her – she always carries her phone in her back pocket – so she slightly turns to get my phone out and as I am looking at my phone for missed calls – he gets down to the ground – she figured to tie his shoe….. then she realizes he is on one knee????!!!!!! OH MY GOD – what was he doing??? Was this a PROPOSAL?????????!!!!! OMGGGGG!! she was in shock!! it was the longest 3 seconds of her life!!!! Everything was being done in super slow mode. she could hear all the people around them commenting – clapping – cheering. She said yes and started crying laughing and questioning him all at once. So many emotions – so unreal. It took them about an hour to leave the airport. It took me about 2 hours to stop crying, smiling, and shaking lol. Within those 2 hours though – she called every one, my dad, my mom, my aunt my children, his mom his kids

The most important moment to her on our wedding day was asking our kids to be part of the celebration. Let’s face it – if our kids didn’t agree to our relationship – we would not have made it this far.

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