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Nautical Nuptials: Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

Crafting your dream beach wedding! Picture this: sandy shores, gentle waves, and the love of your life by your side. Planning a beach wedding is a magical journey, and we’re here to make it absolutely unforgettable. In this post, we’ll walk you through some detail that are often over looked, from choosing attire to ensuring your decorations stay put in the ocean breeze. Get ready for sun-kissed vows, swaying palms, and tips & tricks to transform your beachside celebration into a momentous, picturesque occasion. Let’s dive into the world of beach wedding tips and turn your seaside dreams into reality!

Hydrate or Die-drate

I can not express this enough, you do not want dehydrated guests. Have a beachside water or refreshment station! When guests arrive you will want to cool them down while they patiently wait for the ceremony to start under warm sun. Water in decanters with plastic cups or bottled water are good options. Operating from the sunny southwest coast of Florida, Precious Moments Events specializes in orchestrating unforgettable experiences amid warm weather. Our unique perspective offers insights often overlooked, ensuring your event is flawlessly tailored to the vibrant ambiance of tropical climates.

Bride & Groom; Sundial Beach Resort & Spa Wedding; Precious Moments Events

Keep this in mind. Most of the time Glassware isn’t allowed on the beach. Safety concerns of broken glass meshed in the sand is dangerous.


Weather is a crucial part of planning a beach wedding. Planning as if there is very strong winds, that goes for any outdoor wedding. The chances of encountering hurricane force winds are now minimal, ensuring a perfect calm day at sea. This tip emphasizes the importance of securely anchoring decorations, like an altar, either in the ground or by tying them down. Also, tightly securing florals closer to the ground is advisable. Don’t worry – your beachside wedding can still be glamorous! Ask your DJ or entertainment company if they have wind screens for the microphones. The overpowering sound of wind becomes exaggerated and can drown out the voices projected through the speaker. 

Level the Sand

This is a tip for destination beach wedding couples, vendors and wedding planners alike. Thinking of the small stuff, a metal rake like this one is wonderful to level the sand. The lines made by the rake loosely align the chairs more accurately and moves large rocks making it safer to walk while overall enhancing the aesthetic! Attention destination beach wedding couples, vendors, and planners! Here’s a helpful tip: consider the finer details. Utilizing a metal rake, like the one linked here, can transform your sandy setting. It expertly levels the sand, aligning chairs perfectly, and clears away obstacles, ensuring a safer, more visually appealing ambiance. Remember, it’s just a suggestion to elevate your beach wedding experience!

Attendees vary in age, abilities, and physical constraints, making beachside venues challenging. Overcoming this, a non-slip wheelchair-accessible beach mat serves as both a practical solution and an elegant aisle runner. These mats, available for rent, ensure seamless access for everyone, ensuring all can partake in your significant celebration without hindrance.

Wedding Ceremony; Coquina Beach; Precious Moments Events


While deciding your hair styles the beach helps narrow they style down to a slicked back, tighter or pulled back. Beachside wedding hair doo’s should prevent random hairs flying awkly in your face. Adding hair oil to prevent frizz from sea salt air would not hurt either. Mentioning hair if you want to wear a veil, a heavy or weighted veil is ideal. Using these will reduce the improbability’s to windy chaos.

For the men, guests, groomsmen, and groom want to be comfortable on the beach but still look nice in warm weather destinations. Try going with monochrome earthy colors and breathable material such as linen or tropical wool.  Maybe a knit pollo,  similar colored knit pants, belt and loafers. Dressier beachside outfit is a breathable and lightweight suit with a knit pollo. Try a classic look of a short sleeve button up and chino pants untucked and tucked is your choice.

Nautical Nuptials Beachside Wedding

In conclusion, your beach wedding dreams are within reach, and with careful planning and attention to detail, your special day can be everything you’ve envisioned. Picture the serene backdrop of sandy shores, the rhythmic melody of gentle waves, and the love of your life beside you — a truly magical experience. In this post, we’ve covered often-overlooked essentials, from attire choices to securing decorations against the ocean breeze.

Remember, hydration is key, especially under the warm sun; consider setting up a beachside refreshment station to keep your guests cool and comfortable. When it comes to decor, be mindful of wind conditions, ensuring your setup remains intact. Utilizing tools like a metal rake can enhance both safety and aesthetics, aligning chairs and creating a beautiful atmosphere.

For attendees with varying abilities, an accessible beach mat ensures everyone can participate fully. And speaking of attire, choose hairstyles that withstand beach winds and opt for comfortable, breathable fabrics in earthy tones. Grooms and guests alike can embrace a polished, beach-appropriate look, blending style with comfort seamlessly.

With these expert tips and tricks, your beach wedding will not only be glamorous but also stress-free and unforgettable. Here’s to your perfect seaside celebration, where love meets the shore, creating timeless memories for you and your guests. Cheers to a beautiful beach wedding!

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