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The story of Alicia & Bill


Photo credit: Rut Photography

The Engagement: Where it all started

How did you meet? And tell us about the proposal? Was it surprise?

We met on the website OK CUPID LOL his handle name was a jawdropper one so I had to respond and I was window shopping LOL we met on July 4th 2012! 

He proposed at Fenway in Boston MA on the scoreboard and it was a total surprise, he basically had me convinced he’d never get married again so I never saw it coming, I still can’t believe we’re engaged lol. Total surprise!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time as a couple?
We love concerts it’s our number one thing we do together, we travel to see concerts and sporting events- we attend and host 50+concerts and sporting events a year, we love to go to dinner and the movies, shopping, museums, neat events locally, swimming in our pool, games nights at our home and entertaining for friends!

Reasons for choosing your ceremony and reception venue?
We met on 4th of July and want fireworks during our reception as we’re getting married on our 10 yr anniversary woohoo!
How did you both choose your wedding day look? Describe the looks in detail?
I have my dress and its romantic and fairytale like!
How did you decorate your space for the ceremony and the reception? Was any part of the decor DIY? What look did you go for? Romanic? Modern? Rustic? Moody? Beachy? Tropical? Boho?
I’m going for semi formal romantic with a touch of boho and white rustic if those are things you can put together.
Helpful tip or advice for other engaged couples.
I’d say look at inspiration online but don’t look at to much it’ll get overwhelming, instead draw from within yourself to make sure its who you are and what you want be careful its not a trend or something that you’ll end up regretting later in life. Also I subscribed to the ring boxes and I’m so happy I did, I just received my 2nd box and I love it! So far doing all the little silly things are making it more fun and less stressful, esp. hiring professional help, don’t try to do it yourself it’s worth the month to hire help!
The most important lesson you learned from wedding planning.
 I’d say to definitely hire a wedding coordinator separate from the venue coordinators supplied to you, preferably Michelle Borrero!

How did you choose the colors of your wedding? Any advice you would give to other couples
My advice is don’t worry about what month it is or what season it is, I’m not worried! I’m having deep burgendy dresses with champagne blush and white for my colors, bridesmaid dresses are burgundy and its in July- just be careful if you do the red/burgundy in a month that isn’t Christmas if you don’t want it to look like Christmas in July then choose flower colors and decorations, arrangements etc carefully, that’s what I’m doing as I don’t want it to appear Christmassy. 

Photo Credit: Rut Photography

Photo Credit: Rut Photography


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