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Dreaming of A Beach Wedding?

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At Precious Moments Events LLC, we specialize in giving clients a wedding of their dreams in their very own beachfront venue. Beach weddings are alluring for more reasons than one; The ocean in the background, the sunlight beaming off the waves, and the delightful sea breeze will have you and your partner in a romantic setting while saying “I do”. Before planning, here are a few things to consider before trading in the traditional aisle, for a sandy pathway! 

Photographer: Imagery By Mikaylaj

1. Make sure the beach is accessible for everyone involved.

Many people overlook the accessibility factor once they’ve found and fallen in love with a beach wedding location. Don’t forget to think about your guests’ convenience, and how easy or difficult it is to make it to the location, from a main road. This can also affect the process of setting up and transporting chairs, tables, and even food delivery. Make sure your site isn’t too out of the way, and if it is, ensure you make the right preparations.

2. Don’t Let the Sound of the Waves Drown Out Your Wedding Vows!

To work around this, get a professional sound system, and look into ways to get it powered up out on the beach. You can also rent or buy a wireless microphone and speaker for use by the officiant. Another option is to invest in a windscreen for your microphone, which will ensure the wind isn’t louder than what you’re actually trying to say.

3. Select Proper Beach Wedding Attire

  • Ditch the Veil, it could be a windy battle!
  • Wear Lighter Colors
  • Lighter Dress/Fabrics
  • No Heels
  • Try an Up-do! 
  • Groom/Bestmen can wear light cotton shirts or Bermuda Shorts!

4. Add in Colors to Contrast the Light Color of the Sand 

We recommend adding some color which will contrast with the sand to make the setting more vibrant. Think green, orange, or coral tones. It is also popular to go with a very simplistic theme and use the natural settings to accentuate the theme of your wedding! 

5. Prepare for windy conditions.

 Prepare for a windy day, even when not expected. Secure everything you can beforehand to avoid this. Use heavier items to weigh things down, or just get heavyweight stands. If you plan on tossing dried flower petals, wait to do this, once guests arrive.

6. Have refreshments on Hand.

Beat the heat with cold drinks. A table set up with lemonade, ice water, or a signature cocktail will go a long way in keeping guests satisfied and refreshed. 

7. Always Have A Backup Plan!

Just in case the weather changes, have a backup plan. Always have a canopy or tent at hand to keep everyone cool and dry or ensure your plan B option is somewhere indoors.

8.Prepare A Shoe Station 

No one wants to spend the day with sand in their shoes. With a shoe rack, guests can put their fancy shoes in a safe place. Make provisions at the station for guests to be able to wipe or wash the sand off their feet before making the swap. You’ll want to include a seating area, towels, a place to store shoes, and a bucket of water. 

Photographer: Nadine Forman

Photographer: Imagery By Mikaylaj

Photographer: Rut Photography

Photographer: Imagery By Mikaylaj

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